Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life & California: You're So Damn Hot

Know What's Cool? Installment One: Someday My Prince Will Come

So I feel this didn't get properly addressed in my previous article - but do you know what's cool? I'm in California.

It's an entirely odd and not altogether unpleasant sensation when you realize that what you told yourself you were going to accomplish is what you're doing right now. This isn't to say that all my dreams have come true and I can now rest and retire... but being in the state of California before the next Minnesota winter was just supposed to be this thing I told myself... and now it's happened. No matter what goes on next, I'm still scheduled to spend all my wintry day-times in a state that doesn't seem to remember what that season even is.

I hope it's a feeling I can continue to use to make all those other things happen. Until then... I'm in California! I drove past an honest to God studio. ... which I've done before, but okay. Still cool.

Also drove to Sprinkles, on favor for my sister. She knows all these spots by now, living here for a while before me. I mean, in all honesty, my parents drove - it was one of their last acts before they shipped themselves back home. Reportedly ( by this sister ), Sprinkles has the best cupcakes you ever could desire. Do not be fooled by shops with devilishly similar names and logo-styles ( I was ).

I did actually drive, though. To my sister's place, with all of my worldly belongings ( well, the packed ones, as we went over earlier ). I will now be squatting ( seriously, no rent ) till such time as Christmas when I'll brave snow to see family then return to a place of my own ( except, not really ) to be blessedly free to sing along with my music as loud as I want ( maybe ).

Peace out.

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