Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life: Just To Know That You're Around

Know What's Cool 2: Facial Recognition Software

So you're in LA, land of the rich and famous and televised. You don't want to get your hopes up or anything, but you allow this tiny glimmer of hope - of "what if". What for? For a sighting. Know what's cool? Spotting people from movies and television on the street. And I don't mean so you can mob them and ask them dumb questions and make a nuisance of yourself. I mean because, to me, seeing faces that I've seen so often on the screen right out there in the real world is really very amazing. I love television. And everyone's allowed a little fangirling once in a while.

Naturally, however, the story that goes with that picture is less about me. We went to this restaurant, see, that my sister ( told you she was all-knowing LA-style ) said was simply the best for breakfast - or brunch, I don't honestly remember what time it was. So we went inside, ordered, and decided to sit outside to eat. We're there for... oh, a healthy amount of time because by then our food had come, when three others stroll up to the entrance gateway.

No more than seconds later, my dad says, "I know her." I make my best effort to look around without being grossly obvious but I'm getting nothing. All those hilarious stories about me spotting obscure faces starring in other roles, and I got nothing. Eventually, the people come around our side and they're talking. Then my mom says, "Oh, that voice! That's definitely her."

But whoooooo!

As it turns out, it was some actress from the show "Samantha Who?" Ironically - my parents couldn't remember that part, so I had to supply - but I still didn't know who the actress was. We just happen to go to a restaurant at the just right time.. and it's someone from a show I haven't even happened to watch because my parents turned it on while I was in the room. Not even that.

Well, I've got four more months, right?

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