Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life: How Beautifully Blue The Sky

Since I didn't have work today, and it was so gosh-darned California gorgeous out there, I rolled out of bed this morning, plucked up my camera, and took off in a random direction. Actually, it was just the opposite direction of how I usually drive to work cause, well, that seemed newer and more interesting.

Let us commence with the photo dumping, shall we?

A Dalmatian plantation, I say!

I spent a good deal of time tiptoeing by bushes until this bird got into a place where my camera would focus on it properly.

Admire the oddness that is Christmas decorations on green grass.

I liked that these people's patios were over the garage for some reason.

So, during my outing, I happened upon an Antiques store and couldn't resist popping in to look around based on the overly crowded window full of dusty oddities. I browsed a bit while the owner spoke with another older gentleman who obviously visited frequently. This man left, and I asked if I could be allowed to take a few pictures. The owner said he'd have to charge me for that, because some people had taken advantage of taking pictures earlier, so I contemplated then asked if he'd take my card - or should I come back another day with cash. I also happened to slip in that I was a student, hefted out my big expensive camera, and he was generous enough to relent. I decided to only take one picture. Here it is:

I'm fairly positive I have at one point - and may still - owned at least half of those horses.

After I left, I went to take that fence over the underground tunnel picture up there and the guy who'd been in the store earlier came by and noticed me taking pictures and asked about my interest in photography. Good ol' Rudy and I got into a very nice conversation in which he shared some spots he thought I could get good pictures, the place everybody goes for the best brunch around here, and where he worked should I ever want to stop by and ask where any of these places were again. He works in transportation, so I guess he'd know best.

And now, a little section I'd like to call: Palm Trees In The Sky... until I think of something more interesting.

I want to retake this one when the sun's in a less inconvenient spot.

How beautifully blue, indeed.


rmarkyates said...

Awesome photographs Chris! My favourite is the second one. It has the effect of looking like a painting. The bird ones are great also.

stoph said...

Thanks! I do enjoy light through the leaves a good deal. And those bird ones better be good, for all I stood around trying to make them be. ;)