Saturday, October 31, 2009

monsters are real, and ghosts are too

It's a bit past the time now, but I thought I'd share with ya'll how we celebrate holidays around here. The house didn't get all fancied up with Halloween or anything - in fact, my mother up and forgot to buy candy until the day of - but she did decide we'd have at least one person to cater to. With the seven bags we now had. She also thought I looked festive enough in my orange and black striped tights to answer the door for her.

I sighed and indulged her, whilst drinking Sierra Mist cranberry out of my new skull goblet. Yes. It was very awesome.

Actually, the kids were very cute. But before I could allow all sorts of unsavory characters to approach our door on this the most hallowed of all eves, there were some precautions that needed to be taken.

While I wholly thought I'd be stopped and hounded as I strolled to the cupboard, removed the large cylinder of salt, and moved to empty a large amount of it on our doorstep in a vaguely straight-ish line, my mother, in fact, approved of and encouraged this endeavor. As did several of my buddies on the Heroes MUSH.

Enablers, all of you.

So, late holiday cheer. Just in time for a new holiday.

Demons, ye shall not pass.

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