Thursday, October 22, 2009

since sliced bread

So a phenomenon I've been particularly entertained with tracking is the creation of "remix" music-videos that rely on the repetition of a surprisingly melodic or amusingly iconic phrase from its source of choice. These also usually include a techno track -- possibly also created from the movie or clip's soundtrack. Making the techno track, for one, is awesome. Finding dialogue that fits into it as if they were meant to be? Genius.

I don't honestly know what came first, but I would love to credit this work of "Lord of the Rings" awesome. Created by Erwin Beekveld, it features some of the catchiest music I will ever not be able to get out of my head. The timing and the quote choices guarantee you will never be able to watch a certain part of The Two Towers without laughing from now on. There's, like, two dozen different versions of it out now in the related field. ( What, I ask you, is the obsession with 'Chipmunk'-speeding everything and its sequel? )

This song may also be my ring-tone...

The next bit of hilarity is not as much from a movie as an interview spawned by that movie. It's not only well put together -- besides a couple of video glitches -- but makes you forever question how the hell these sound bytes weren't a joke to begin with. Seriously. I cannot explain. You must only click "play" on this masterpiece of genius unofficially called: "Somebody had to go and ask Shatner why Kirk is climbing a mountain in that one Star Trek movie..."

This last one is a bit of a cheat, honestly: I had been aiming to add the other two in and thought - hey, wouldn't this blog post look better with a third example? So I went hunting. It didn't take long. This person even credit the earlier "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard" for their creating of this, so, see? My decision to give it first place is well done. But this it not LOTR: though it IS a similarly popular trilogy featuring a man who doesn't wash his hair frequently enough. There are some visual choices in this one I disagree with - although the style and proficiency with editing is there, I don't think it's quite as polished as the others. Still, this "Pirates of the Caribbean" piece is quite catching and fetching. Feast.

Got the tunes in your head? I do.

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