Friday, October 23, 2009

wish they all could be california girls

What's this? Is it... perhaps, my departure time for a flight to California, where I will be hacking out an experimental living for several months before destiny or bankruptcy claim me?


The general plan is to live at a friend's and/or find an apartment where I can do my best to find a job. The experience so far has been that people want you to be local so as to conduct instantaneous interviews. It is, indeed, easier for everyone to be in the same place, so I'm taking that first step. We'll see where it takes me.

Plane, housing, and car expenses are being helped along by my very supportive parents -- so, should it happen, I really owe them everything.

EDIT: Have now checked the weather in Pasadena. Sunny across the board. Highs above 80, lows above 50. Wtf, plane ticket, why aren't you for TOMORROW?

Seriously. This is what I'm working with ( courtesy of most accurate weather site ever )

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