Thursday, January 7, 2010

Movie Poster Trends: I Think I've Seen This Somewhere Before

While I was browsing for movie trailers for that last post, I happened to notice a particular new one that caught my attention in its familiarity. It was called "Crazy On The Outside", and its poster looked like this:

Surely, I thought to myself, I have seen this before. It just feels so gosh-darned done.

A very small bit of Google searching later, I was proven right. I'm sure there's more, but these were the only ones I could recall off the top of my head ( which is scary enough, considering ). So, take a glimpse at this well-rode comedic poster style which henceforth will be titled Oh No, I Can't Contain The Hilarious Craziness That Is My Family. It requires that one person stand on a side of a door or structure of some kind, attempting to hold off what is a pack of surely hysterical and over-the-top characters known as the first person's family members who it would be simply disastrous for anyone else to meet so they'd better just stay on the other side of that door now.

Then there's this subversion, where the craziness of the single family member is such that the whole rest of the relatives have to block them off, instead.